Karratha: Just How Far is it From Perth?

If you’re a FIFO worker thinking about coming to Karratha, you’ll inevitably wonder how far it is from Perth and how to get here. Read on to find out everything you need to know about getting to Karratha from Perth, as well as from other capital cities across Australia.

How to travel to Karratha

Karratha is in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, adjacent to the port of Dampier. It’s nearly 1,800 kilometres north of Perth and in between the towns of Port Hedland and Exmouth. You have three main options to get to Karratha from Perth:

  1. Plane (Karratha has its own airport and it’s a 2-hour flight from Perth).
  2. Car (it’s an 18-and-a-half hour drive from Perth via National Highway 95).
  3. Bus (it’s a 25-hour drive from Perth). Bus services to the region from Perth include Integrity Coach Lines and Buswest.

Flying is obviously the quickest and best way to get to Karratha from Perth. But if you want to drive there instead, it’s important to understand that it’s a very long way with some very remote stretches of road. You’ll need a reliable vehicle. You’ll also want to break up your drive with a travel partner and/or stay overnight somewhere along the way.

Your best bet is to stay somewhere in Carnarvon, which is about 9 hours’ drive from Perth and about 6-and-a-half hours from Karratha. Book your accommodation ahead to make sure you can get somewhere.

If you don’t fancy driving a long way yourself and you don’t want to fly, relax and take an air-conditioned bus.

Travel time from Australia’s capital cities to Karratha

Qantas, QantasLink, Virgin and Airnorth all offer regular flights both to and from Karratha. You can get direct flights between Karratha and Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Port Hedland and Broome.
The most regular flights to and from Karratha are via Perth, so if you’re not travelling from one of these cities (or you need to travel on a specific day or at a specific time), you’d be better off getting a connecting flight from Perth.
The table below shows current average flight times (including stopovers) from Australia’s major capital cities to Karratha.

City Flight Time
Sydney about 9 and a half hours
Melbourne just under 8 hours
Brisbane about 8 and a half hours
Adelaide about 6 and a half hours
Perth 2 hours
Darwin just over 6 hours
Hobart just over 11 hours
Canberra just over 9 hours

Where to stay in Karratha

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We’re also located next to the beach, just five minutes from the Karratha City Centre and just 20 minutes from the airport.