Searipple Village is owned and operated by Fleetwood Australia, a national leader in building and community solutions. Originally a caravan park, Fleetwood acquired the property in the late eighties, initiating its development into a construction camp and subsequently evolving it into the exceptional modular accommodation village it stands as today.

Occupying an impressive 15-hectare expanse, Searipple Village boasts over 1,300 meticulously designed rooms.

Searipple Village takes immense pride in having played a pivotal role in delivering accommodation solutions for numerous workforces in resources and construction projects in the Pilbara region, including Woodside’s North West Shelf project, Rio Tinto’s coastal exports projects, Citic Pacific mine development and the Yara Pilbara fertilisers plant. In providing a comfortable place to stay for key workers, our Village have contributed to the creation of thousands of job opportunities while generating substantial economic gains, amounting to millions of dollars for the region.