18 March 2019 _ Subject: RE: Dr Lyttle: SeaRipple Facilities & Amenities – is it safe for residents to use?

Subject: RE: Dr Lyttle: SeaRipple Facilities & Amenities – is it safe for residents to use?

We have not seen or heard of anything to date that would make us concerned about the safety of the facilities and amenities at Searipple.
The Environmental Health team from City of Karratha has been through the kitchens twice in the past week.
In fact the camp administration have been very good in assisting us with putting in measures to limit the spread of the outbreak and ensure the comfort of those affected, and that any sick are notified to is and taken to ED.
If we had any concerns we would have stopped new arrivals and closed the kitchens etc. There has been no need to do that.

Of course if your staff have anything in particular they are concerned about that they would like the Environmental Health Staff to investigate particularly, then please contact them. This can be about anything in the environment that makes them alarmed about a health effect. Please Contact Leon Myburgh from the City Of Karratha Environmental Health Team, who’s email is above and phone is 9186 8638
Most people who write on social media with alarmist tales have not been sufficiently alarmed previously to notify either management, their employer, or the Environmental Health team to have their claims investigated.

We have asked for additional cleaning of common surfaces ( because if there are any people infected they may not have washed their hands properly and touch common surfaces like door handles etc) and for everyone to wash their hands after the toilet and before eating any food – either meals or snacks. Also to be aware of not putting their hands to their mouth at other times eg snacks and smoking, as again germs can be ingested if hands are not clean. Please advise your employees to be careful with hand washing both at the camp and in their lunch rooms – it goes a long way to stop any gastro outbreak.

As we have not yet completed our investigation we cannot say what the food has been that was contaminated, or guarantee that a similar food will not enter the premises again if it was contaminated at source.

Your query is really about where your staff would prefer to be placed in Karratha accommodation, and whether they/you have confidence in Searipple or are put off by the unsubstantiated claims on social media – only you can decide how best to manage that.

I am copying the camp staff and they are free to give this email to other industries also if they wish, as you are to circulate to your staff.

Dr Heather Lyttle

Dr P Heather Lyttle
FFPHM FAChSHM MBChB Dip Obs MPH (Otago) Dip Ven(Liverpool)
Public Health and Sexual Health Physician
Population Health
Hedland Health Campus
PMB 12 South Hedland WA 6722

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