Searipple Markets Unite Local Community

Houses alone don’t make a village; people do. Community events are integral for creating a vibrant and liveable place.

The Searipple Markets in Karratha invited everyone to join in on the fun on a warm July evening. Guests, village residents and locals came together for a relaxed evening of fun, dance, entertainment, food and laughter.

The Searipple Workers Accommodation Village (Searipple Village) is located in Karratha, Western Australia. The purpose-built village is set on 15 hectares hosting over 1,300 rooms, making it one of the largest accommodation villages in Western Australia. Fleetwood delivered a full turn-key solution as part of a build, own and operate business model and continues to successfully run the thriving community that is Searipple Village. This short and long-term affordable accommodation solution has become a staple of the local community, assisting the resources and construction sector within the Pilbara for many years and generated thousands of jobs for the local community.

Community spirits were high as the crowd enjoyed the variety of market stalls, sup­ported local small business, got their groove on with Amy & Ezra and watched their kids turn into colourful creatures with spar­kling eyes.

There was endless entertainment on offer, including beautiful handcrafted jewellery, local jerky, bouncy castles, face painting, henna tattoos and so much more.

Local Karratha heroes brought the event to life and it will certainly be an evening to remember for all those that came out to enjoy it. Who knows, maybe the markets might even be back next year!