Media Statement 15 March 2019

15 March 2019

Media Statement

Searipple Village confirms that it responded to 26 village guests experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms beginning on the evening of 11 March 2019. The village has assisted the majority of these guests present to the local hospital for treatment of their symptoms and followed up with further assistance in transport and accommodation.
The staff and management of Searipple wish these guests a speedy recovery from their illness and apologise for the discomfort and inconvenience experienced.
As with any multiple gastrointestinal event, it is now under review by the Department of Health and the City of Karratha to determine the source. Searipple Village is co-operating fully with this review and continues to follow advice from both organisations on management of the event, as well as supporting patients. The village has also posted further information for residents within the village dining room on where to seek assistance if required, is conducting additional welfare checks for residents, has commenced extra cleaning of common surfaces and provided antibacterial gel and spray around the village.
On the March 12th the village had approximately 820 guests in residence. The village has been in operation for 10 years, and has not experienced a large outbreak of gastrointestinal symptoms prior to this week. The kitchen facilities provider at Searipple prepares meals in adherence to the Australian Food Safety standard HACCP with its food preparation and handling. We will be reviewing these standards to ensure they are appropriate and were properly applied. The kitchen facilities provider has also sent their own Food Safety Manager to site to conduct a review.
The Village is not aware of more than the initial 26 guests being impacted, and there have been no further reports of symptoms since 2am on Thursday March 14th. Searipple Village remains safe for residents to take up accommodation.

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